At ACE, we want to help your Organisation achieve even more. We are committed to working with you and your business to develop well-qualified, high-achieving personnel to help take your business forward.

A successful business needs a motivated workforce that can adapt and innovate. And making sure your team has the skills to stay ahead of the competition requires training and development. At ACE, we offer training and courses that are specific to your business needs.

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Whether you have identified a skills shortage, need to improve efficiency or want to innovate and grow, we willl help you create a better-qualified, more productive workforce with the skills and drive to succeed.

Our vocational related EdExcel BTEC and Pearson`s LCCI qualifications are used as a benchmark for employers around the world and are also recognized by professional bodies and universities.

This means, you can recruit an ACE graduate and develop your business by developing your workforce.


Our Qualifications have an international outlook and is recognized worldwide and focus on the practical skills and knowledge that employers around the world value in the workplace. Your employees, with our qualifications, can aspire to a better job and produces better results.

We improve employee personal effectiveness – Our qualifications are assessed on evidence of competence and realistic case studies, providing knowledge and skills that are readily transferable to the workplace.

We promote a learning culture in the workplace– Our qualifications can be introduced as part of an employee skills development programme, helping to increase motivation and morale.

We provide flexible and concise learning – Enabling your employees to acquire knowledge and then apply it immediately to your business while they`re studying.

We provide professional bespoke training – We are happy to accommodate your business- bespoke requirements. If you have a larger group of people wanting to complete a course, we can arrange dates and times tailored to your specifications.


ACE places significant value on its partnerships with employers and organizations and continues to involve employers in many aspects of its work. There is increased demand in all vocational areas for qualifications that enable learners to enter the workforce successfully, and ACE is building on its excellent reputation with employers to offer relevant and high quality qualifications.

We work with various organizations across a range of sectors to build expertise and deliver clear lines of sight to work for our students. There are a number of opportunities for students to gain invaluable insight from prestigious employers.

We place great emphasis on our partnerships with employers, and have built an excellent reputation for delivering high quality apprenticeship frameworks across a variety of sectors. We pride ourselves on our excellence and our success with the work we do with employers and learners in the industry.


As part of our mission to provide exceptional education and training for every student, we work with employers to offer work experience placements to our students.

Enthusiastic. Keen to learn. Cost-effective. Apprentices make great employees, whatever your business. A work experience students gives you an extra pair of hands. In addition you have the opportunity to provide local students with essential skills helping to build a talented workforce for the future and the chance to spot potential talent for your company.

Combining practical, on-the-job training with study towards a recognised qualification, apprenticeships offer the ideal way to bring skills and motivation to your team. We have the right apprentice for you. Our Centre works closely with employers. Our students are dedicated and focused and will offer your Organisation a valuable insight and support.

Contact us on +88 02 9614561 or about the opportunities we currently have and how our Centre work with employers.