Hello Everyone.

Welcome to the A K S Khan Centre for Excellence. We are the first choice for vocational training and skills development and it is our mission to provide you with exceptional education and training to help you achieve your ambitions. At ACE, students will feel respected and safe, that the teaching is exceptional and an undeniable sense of community that is greatly valued. With the right attitude and approach, and with support from highly qualified and expert staff, exceptional things can happen. Bold ambitions can be achieved.

You will define what professional means to you, and we will help you get there. You won’t sit back and wait for instructions. You will be prepared to seize moments of enormous opportunity and make the move that is right for you.

You will work, discover and evolve, eventually becoming a new kind of person; still you, but with a new kind of confidence. A new kind of courage.  A professional who can become a leader for yourself, your community and the world.


  • Modern and exciting places to learn
  • Skilled and highly qualified teachers with industry experience who are passionate and brilliant at what they do
  • Individual support to ensure you are successful
  • Enrichment opportunities, work experience and mentoring to help you gain key life and employability skills

We have the range of options you need to make the best possible decision for your future and gain important qualifications, skills and experience. With a wide range of courses to choose from, our trained advisers will ensure that the course you select is right for your skills and goals.

Our courses provide hands-on training and real-life experience to prepare you for whatever lies ahead. Wherever you turn, you will see students getting involved in what they love to do, in a professional environment with teachers who work in the industry.

Whether you are deciding to take an academic or vocational route to your further study, I am confident we will have a course that meets your needs. With our combined efforts, we aim to be your number one choice for an unparalleled educational and training experience.

We look forward to welcoming you at ACE as a member of our learning community to take the next step in your educational journey and become part of the next chapter in our success story.