IELTS – International English Language Testing System is the highly standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speaker. IELTS is designed to test the English language ability of people who want to study abroad or apply for work-based immigration overseas where English is used as the language of communication.


At ACE we offer you a team of exceptionally experienced and dynamic course instructors, who will help you to achieve your desired result. The classrooms are well equipped with smart boards and projectors and friendly faculty members who are willing to go the extra mile for your enhancement. The IELTS programs are made up of various interactive materials which will help students better understand what is being taught.


IELTS is recognized by universities and employers in many countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. It is also recognized by professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government agencies.

  • Enable you to start your journey into higher studies or work overseas
  • Provides with a highly standardized English language certificate.


IELTS test is available in two modules –

Academic Module

IELTS Academic Module is designed for those who want to enroll in universities and other institutions of higher education and for professionals who want to study or practice in an English-speaking country.

General Training Module

IELTS General Training Module is designed for those who are planning to go to English-speaking countries to undertake non-academic training or to gain work experience or for immigration purposes. IELTS General Training Module is intended to test the candidates’ communication skills which are required for non-native English speaker who want to migrate to English speaking countries.


IELTS test has four parts:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

All test takers take the same Listening and Speaking tests, while the Reading and Writing tests differ depending on whether the test taker is taking the Academic or General Training modules of the test.

Listening, Reading and Writing are completed in one sitting. The Speaking test may be taken on the same day or up to seven days before or after the other tests.


Here at ACE our students are trained by highly experienced and professional IELTS trainers. Our trainers will prepare you to achieve the best score and help you to boost your confidence.

  • We provide a 3 months IELTS training program.
  • Mock tests will be prepared for the students by ACE.